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Articles on fighting wrongful Property Insurance denials as well as avoiding traps/problems with Environmental Insurance (Environmental Impairment Liability Insurance or Pollution Insurance)

Property Insurance. We focus on several areas: (1) How to fight wrongful denials under the constant and repeated seepage exclusion; (2) Why mold after drying?; (3) Fighting Water Damage underpay; (4) Fighting Carrier managed repair/ preferred vendor programs.

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Environmental Insurance. Not just a concern for contractors, but for building owners and businesses as well. There are massive changes taking place in Environmental Insurance due to COVID-19. Check out this section for the latest.

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Proactively Manage COVID-19 Risks in the Built Environment

This article explains the ins and outs of Contractor Pollution Liability Insurance by the top expert in the field.

How to Fight Wrongful Denials Under the Constant and Repeated Seepage Exclusion

DDRS staff have prepared seven articles to discuss in terms of what can be done to fight wrongful denials.

Top Liability Money Traps to Avoid In 2021

Traps: Bogus insurance certificates issued by insurance agents with no actual coverage for the work you do. Illegal application of anti-microbials (Covid-19 or Mold Remediation) that is “a violation of federal law” resulting in your insurance coverage to be null and void since you cannot have an enforceable contract for illegal services.

How to Fight Bad Carrier Managed Repair Programs

It is illegal by Florida Law for a Carrier Adjuster to steer insured toward the Carrier Managed Repair Program.

Why Insurance Carriers Typically Do Not Require Home Inspections

Carriers do not require home inspections because they know that there will be some pre-existing damage. They then deny a new claim based on old wear and tear or limited pre-existing damage.

How to Fight Carrier Dry-Out Underpay

Here we explain why Carrier underpayment of water damage claims is illegal by Florida law (really).