Rating System

Rating System

An explanation of how we rate articles on D-D-R-S

We’ve developed a unique rating system for D-D-R-S using the seven criteria below. We hope you find it helpful and, as always, welcome any thoughts or suggestions for improvement. Thank you.

Overall, our rating system is designed to highlight articles that are useful, practical, informative and in some cases controversial so as to encourage readers to read, learn, and comment, thereby spurring a discussion.


Rating Breakdown

1-5 Stars System

  • Positive: Greater than or equal to 4 (4.0 – 5.0) MUST READ
  • Neutral: Greater than or equal to 3 but less than 4 (3.0 – 3.9)
  • Negative: Less than 3 (2.9 – 0)

Total Derived From 7 Criteria

Is the article a good fit in the subject matter category?
Is the article accurate? Is it precise? Consistent?
Is the article valuable? Is it practical? Is it helpful?
Any biases due to affiliations or funding that affect objectivity?
Is the article substantiated and scientific in its method? Or is it unproven conjecture?
Is the article written by a professional with specialized knowledge in their field?
If the article is older, does it remain relevant and accurate or is it dated?