How to Fight Wrongful Denials Under the Constant and Repeated Seepage Exclusion

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Why 5-Star? We are seeing more and more wrongful denials under Constant and Repeated Seepage exclusions. Here’s what DDRS staff have put together to help.

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  1. It seems like the whole concept of homeowner’s insurance in Florida is one big Insurance Carrier scam. For older homes Carriers never send someone out to take pictures of the kitchen, roof, bathrooms etc before policy renewal. To take pictures of pre-existing damage that would not be covered. If they did and the kitchen was not covered the Carrier would have to reduce premiums for what was not covered; and run afoul with mortgage providers who require the entire home be covered.

    The way it is now, the premiums are paid on the entire home, but the carriers know that in older homes there will be pre-existing damage and if there is a new let’s say, water loss, they won’t pay because there was clearly earlier water damage in the same area.

    Carriers send out Forensic Engineers that write up complex and expensive reports and the homeowner is at a disadvantage.

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