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Why 5-Star. Section on S520-2015 is about changes to S520 in the latest edition. Several important items for discussion.

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  1. #1. “Does not establish procedures or criteria for assessing mold contamination in an indoor environment.” (But doesn’t S520 do just that throughout by defining Fungal Contamination Conditions and defining Assessment based on Conditions?)

    #2. “It is recommended that an HVAC system not be used for dehumidification or drying during a mold remediation project”. (If the work area is properly contained why shut off the AC? Elevating the temperature increases bacterial and mold growth.)

    #3 “IEPs may perform Post Remediation Verification (PRV).” (Why is it that remediators cannot perform their own QA/QC including air sampling to make sure that their work has not left the indoor air cross contaminated? For many small jobs and where the problem is obvious (not insurance claims) there is no money to pay for a third party IEP to write a protocol and come back and inspect/test. There is no other to determine exposure/ health risk than to test the air because exposure is from breathing the air. That is not saying that air sampling should be the focus of PRV.)

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