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Why 5-Star? Ken Larsen, Cliff Zlotnik, John Downey discuss IICRC Tech Journal articles by Larsen & Zlotnik that challenged the basic core of the drying and educational establishment 

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  1. In-Place-Drying was introduced in S500-2006. And then not even mentioned in S500-2015 because studies and experience had found that blowing hot air on walls and cabinets almost always resulted in mold after drying.

    The iaqradio discussion concludes “Nothing has been heard from IICRC leadership” regarding the Zlotkin & Larsen articles about the perils of In-Place-Drying published in the IICRC Tech Journal. But IICRC pulled the plug on IICRC Tech Journal soon thereafter.

  2. IICRC S500-2021 is now out this month (May 2021). These issues are still not addressed. Training providers are still writing their own manuals and teaching in-place drying. Students do not have to purchase or learn from the actual “Standard”

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